Candidate's Corner

Amber Brown

Amber BrownWhen I arrived in Chester Village, I knew I had landed in a beautiful and historic seaside community. I did not know that I would end up meeting my future husband and having the most wonderful baby girl. Apart from providing a picturesque place to live, Chester Village has quite literally given me a life. In return, I would be thrilled to obtain a position on the village commission to be of service in helping to preserve and enhance the quality of life in this very special place.

I am in awe at the dedication of our volunteer fire department. It would be a privilege to advocate for maintaining this key service at the highest levels. It is also important to me that the Lido Pool remain in top condition as a family-friendly attraction, as I look forward to the day my daughter takes her first swim at its stunning location along the back harbour. Overall, I am in favour of keeping our village distinct and quaint, and if elected, I look forward to liaising with my fellow villagers to ensure Chester Village is a place we all love to live.

Amber Brown
Bachelor of Commerce; Accounting (Ryerson University)

Michael Heisler

Martin Hiltz

Brenda Mulrooney

A lifelong resident of Chester, raising four sons here as well as a past business owner. Involved in various groups and initiatives over 50 years. Served on the commission for 11 years some as chair. Served on the Association of Nova Scotia Villages some as chair.

I was on VOCTADA at its inception. Gained experience in organizing a study of village needs, assisted in workshops, prioritizing projects, getting quotes, and hiring a group to organize our material to obtain funding. I personally negotiated land settlements and dealt with levels of government in creating the Water St. Walkway and off-shoreline parking. Petitioned the village commission to provide decorative street lighting.

As a commissioner I was tasked with the Lido washroom project, again negotiating with levels of the government to acquire the land for the building which I designed with assistance from the committee, accommodating the pool mechanicals and lifeguard/instructors room.

I promoted moving the commission to a visible more accessible location raising its profile.

I take pride in our village, promoting it as a wonderful place to live and will always do so.

I believe: in transparency to the public, it is their money the village spends.
no deal is a good deal if you can’t afford it.
every voice should be heard.
initiatives taken should see a positive return.

I ask for you your vote.

Thank you.
Brenda Mulrooney.

Laura Mulrooney

Laura MulrooneyI have lived in Chester for thirty years in one of the oldest houses in the village. My partner, Didier Julien, and I had a French bakery and cafe here during this time but are newly retired. We have raised four children here. I have employed dozens of local students and many employees from throughout the Municipality.

I have much experience with Farmers Markets as President of the Lunenburg and Chester Markets. Through this participation in Farmers Markets, I have learned much about the importance of community and home and this is where I feel I can be useful on this Commission. I am a practical and no-nonsense person. I have been actively involved with the Starfish 3 group and we work with the resettlement of Syrian refugees here in Chester. I have also assisted the Lighthouse Foodbank with social media, making them more accessible to their clients throughout the municipality. As I often post on my Sunday Stories on Facebook, I live in the most beautiful place in the world and I would be delighted to help both preserves and improve Chester for future generations.

Tom Mulrooney

Randall O’Malley

I have resided in the Chester area for 46 years, and in the Village proper for 30 years, having come here directly from University to practice my profession of Pharmacist under the late Mr. A.A. Nunn at what is now Chester Pharmasave. My partner and I actually owned and ran the business for 13 years after Mr. Nunn retired, selling the Pharmacy in 2000. Most long-term residents will know me simply as “Randy the Pharmacist” and it was my pleasure to serve the health needs of several generations of residents before my retirement in 2015.

Now that I have a less structured life, I have the time and energy to try to give something back to the community which I love, and which has given me so much. My main interest is in making sure that our Volunteer Fire Department, which has been consistently superior over many years, remains well supported and well equipped. My other major interest is in ensuring that our Village retains the beauty and charm it has always possessed, and I support projects which improve without destroying. I also believe we must have good financial governance and responsible spending on the Commission. I ask for your support in the upcoming election.

Geraldine Pauley

Geraldine Pauley“My name is Geraldine Pauley, and I’m a candidate for Commissioner in the upcoming election for the Village Commission of Chester.

I’ve lived in Chester for ten years. I’m an active senior citizen with extended family in Chester and the area. Like many, I live on a fixed pension, which I supplement with seasonal work in the tourism industry. My experience as the owner/operator of Pelham House, a B&B in Lunenburg, made me very conscious of the value this sector brings to our local economy.

I have a substantial work history as a government & non-profit senior administrator, which gives me useful experience and insights to offer the Commission.

Since living in Chester I have taken full advantage of the opportunities to learn and volunteer at the Chester Art Centre and the Heritage Society’s ‘Station 20’.

I enjoy working as a “garden buddy” through the Community Garden program, sharing my gardening skills with folks who need a little help.

I am President of the NS Heritage Schooner Rescue Association which works to save traditional NS schooners from scrapyards.

I believe the Commission is a valuable resource for our community. If elected I will work hard for our community.”