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In June of 1990 the Commission, on behalf of the citizens of the Village of Chester, gratefully received a bequest from the Estate of Clarissa Anderson Gibbs.

The gifts of a parcel of land and a water lot are on the Back Harbour in front of the house where Mrs. Gibbs spent her summers. Mrs. Gibbs' father, Dr. Andrew Anderson of St. Augustine, Florida, built the house you see in the photograph in 1905. It is now the permanent residence of Dr. Anderson's great-grandson.

Over the years, the property came to be known as the Jib Lot because the shape of the property line is like a boat's triangular staysail, or jib.

On the Victoria Street side of the Jib Lot, one will see a handsome monument erected by the Chester Volunteer Fire Department, memorializing the firefighters who have served the Village of Chester and Area well, since 1936. The monument was commissioned by the CVFD, dedicated on October 9, 1994, and is maintained by the CVFD using monies donated to the CVFD Memorial Fund.

Chester Volunteer Fire Department

The Commission has committed to maintain the land for recreational use by the community.

Fire department – Chester Volunteer Fire Department

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The residents, businesses and organizations within the Chester Fire District are indeed fortunate to have fire and emergency services provided by the Members of the Chester Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD), a well-trained and well-equipped group of women and men.

In the event of an emergency, CALL 911

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