Waste and Green Bins

Waste Collection

The Municipality of Chester contracts to have household waste collected every two weeks. Absolutely everything you need to know about this service can be found on the Municipality of the District of Chester's website chester.ca. Look for Waste and Recycling at the bottom of the Home Page on the Municipal website or click here: https://chester.ca/waste-recycling for the direct link.

Village waste collection is on Tuesday morning. The map showing whether your household waste will be collected in Week A or Week B is on pages 16 and 17 of the Waste Collection Calendar and the weeks are colour-coded in the months of the calendar.

Green Bin Collection

We all know how odoriferous (aka stinky) the green bins can get in the warmer months! In the summer, the Municipality collects green bins every other week, as usual, and the Village contracts for the bins to be collected on the off-weeks to help reduce the aroma. Hint: Try to keep your bin in the shade if you can.

The Summer 2023 weekly green bin collection dates are June 1 through to September 30. A reminder will be posted on the Notice Board.