About the Commission

The Commission

The Village of Chester Commission is comprised of five Village residents who are elected by their fellow villagers to serve a 3-year term. The terms are staggered which means there is an election every year.

Our Mandate

The Commission of the Village of Chester (VOC) is responsible for a number of services and activities within the Village and beyond. Most prominently, the VOC has contracted with the Chester Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) to provide fire and emergency services throughout the Village. Through contract with the Municipality of the District of Chester (MODC), the VOC, by way of the CVFD, also provides those services to portions of the Municipality adjacent to the Village: all of Municipal District 7 and portions of Districts 1 and those areas of District 3 beyond the Village proper. Fire tax rates are levied on all properties in the fire service area ensuring equal contribution to funding the services. One of the most important tasks of the Commission is to liaise with the CVFD to enable modern, efficient, and effective fire and emergency services upon which all the residents, businesses, and organizations in the Chester Fire District can depend.

As the Village owns the Lido Pool, the VOC operates the pool and the public washrooms adjacent to it for the benefit of all users. The Village owns the Jib Lot, between Victoria Street and the Prince Street Extension, and maintains it as an open space for Village residents and visitors. The Village also owns the Emergency Health Services building, next to the fire hall. All costs for the property and building are covered by the rent EHS pays to the VOC. The Village Commission is also responsible for street lighting in the Village and annual beautification efforts, namely hanging flower baskets in the summer and wreaths in the fall and winter.


The Commission meets at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the Village Office: 27 Pleasant Street. Please come and share your thoughts with us. Any additional meetings will be posted in advance on our website.

We also have an annual General/Public Meeting to receive reports, the Audited Financial Statement and generally inform the ratepayers of the past year's activities. The date for this meeting is usually late May or early June but, under the Municipal Government Act, it must be held before July 1. The date is advertised each year in local newspapers and posted on our website.


The following are your representatives on the Commission:

Nancy Hatch, Chair:
Term expires: May 2024

Geraldine Pauley, Vice Chair:
Term expires: May 2024

Laura Mulrooney -
Term expires: May 2025

Randall O'Malley -
Term Expires May 2025

Carol Nauss -
Term expiring May 2023