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By-Election/Special Meeting Jan 18, 2023

On October 31, 2022, Commissioner Martin Hiltz resigned from the Village Commission. As required by the Municipal Government Act, the Village will be holding an election to fill the remainder of the term, which expires in June of 2023. The winning candidate in this election will serve until June 2023 when this position will be subject to a regular election to be filled for three years.

The Election will be held by hidden ballot at a Special Meeting of the Village Electors at 7:00 pm on January 18, 2023, at the Chester Legion, 14 Union Street. You must be an elector in the Village of Chester to vote. All electors are asked to bring identification that shows your civic address (please note that not all Driver’s Licenses show the address).

Anyone interested in running as a candidate in the Election may download the nomination package, or pick up a copy of the package from the Village Office at 27 Pleasant Street, Chester during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm). Interested candidates must complete the nomination form including the signature of five (5) electors from the Village and swear the Oath of Candidate. Nomination day is January 11, 2023, and any interested candidate must submit their application before 4:00 pm on that day. Should no eligible candidate come forward for this position it will be filled via the regular election process in June of 2023.

Should only one eligible candidate come forward the position will be filled by acclamation. In either of these situations, the special meeting will be cancelled and notice will be posted on the Village website and Facebook page.

Three (3) candidates have been nominated for the position of Commissioner of the Village of Chester:
CAROL NAUSS - Main Street
Catherine Clute - Prince Street
Tom Mulrooney - Queen Street

Nomination Package

2022-11-09 Regular Monthly Zoom recording

2022-10-12 Regular Monthly Meeting

2022-10-12 Regular Monthly Meeting minutes are now available  2022-10-12 Regular Monthly Meeting.pdf (449 KB)

2022-11-09 Regular Meeting Agenda Package

2022-11-09 Regular Meeting Agenda Package is now available   2022-11-09 - Regular Meeting and supporting documents.pdf (2.52 MB)

2022-11-09 Regular Monthly Meeting Agenda

2022-11-09 Regular Meeting Agenda is now available  2022-11-09 - Regular Meeting.pdf (191 KB)

Meetings and Procedures Policy Amended

The Meetings and Procedures Policy was amended at the October 12, 2022 meeting and is now available  Meetings and Procedures Policy (188 KB)


Updated Covid Health Protection Information is now available  health-protection-act-order-by-the-medical-officer-of-health.pdf .

Rodent Control Info

Rodent Control Information is now available  Rodent Control Info.pdf (88 KB)