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NEW FIRE TRUCK for Chester Volunteer Fire Department

New 551 Hero Fire Truck

Renewal is vital for fire and emergency services to maintain the service that residents and businesses come to rely upon. After 27 years of dedicated service, 551, the “Tanker”, is being replaced with a Canadian-made apparatus that will meet the current and future needs of the community.

Built by Battleshield Industries Limited in Vars, Ontario, just outside Ottawa, the new 551, carries 2500 imperial gallons, 500 gallons more than its predecessor. It has increased pumping capacity and is superior mechanically. In replacing the current tanker, we are achieving recognized industry standards by replacing fire apparatus in 20 years, which benefits all of us.

This acquisition is the first procurement under the new 20-year fire service contract between the Village of Chester and the Municipality of the District of Chester, demonstrating that cooperation and partnership deliver success. We are stronger working together. The purchase was made using existing funds.

Thank you to the Chester Volunteer Fire Department for its efforts and work in identifying the requirements of a new tanker and finding this specific asset.

And thank you to the people of our community in the area served by the CVFD for their continued support of fire and emergency services and patience, as the matter of replacing the tanker has been pursued over the last number of years.

RESULTS: By-Election/Special Meeting Jan 18, 2023

Results of the Special meeting/By-Election are now available  JAN 18 2023 SPECIAL MEETING BY-ELECTION RESULTS.pdf (107 KB)

2023-01-19 Special Meeting

2023-01-19 Special Meeting Agenda is now available  2023-01-19 Special Meeting .pdf (133 KB)

Who Can Vote in the Election

Who Can Vote Poster is now available  Who can vote poster.pdf (99 KB)

2022-12-19 Special Meeting-In Camera Meeting Minutes

2022-12-19 Special Meeting-In Camera Meeting Minutes are now available  2022-12-19 Special Meeting-InCamera.pdf (46 KB)

2022-12-14 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

2022-12-14 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes are now available  2022-12-14 Regular Monthly Meeting.pdf (292 KB)

2023-01-11 Regular Monthly Zoom recording

January 18, 2023, Election Update – Village of Chester Commission

UPDATE - January 12, 2023 - Catherine Clute has withdrawn her nomination; leaving two (2) candidates:

  • Carol Nauss of Main Street
  • Tom Mulrooney of Queen Street


Please be advised that three (3) candidates have been nominated for the position of Commissioner of the Village of Chester.

  • Carol Nauss of Main Street
  • Catherine Clute of Prince Street
  • Tom Mulrooney of Queen Street


There will be an election held at a special meeting of the Village on January 18, 2023, at the Canadian Legion, Chester Branch, 14 Union Street.

The winning candidate of this election will serve until the regular Election that follows the 2023 Annual Public Meeting (approximately June 2023).

The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. There will be a short explanation of the reason why there is a By-Election and an explanation of the voting process. This will be a vote-by-ballot with three candidates and only one vote per elector. No further nominations will be accepted at the meeting.

Candidates will each be offered a brief opportunity to introduce themselves and make remarks.

Electors will be invited to come forward to the polling station, have their names checked against the voter list, and be issued a ballot.

Please note that electors wishing to vote must present identification that shows they reside in the Village. Please be aware that not all Driver’s licences have a street address! If required another form of identification that shows a street address (such as a tax bill) may be required.

Electors will be invited to use one of the confidential voting booths to mark their ballot and place it in the ballot box.

Voting will be halted when the eligible electors present at the meeting have placed their ballot in the box. Electors who come after 7:00 will not be barred from entry, but once the Returning Officer confirms that everyone present who wishes to vote has done so, the poll will be closed and no further votes will be accepted.

In the presence of two scrutineers, the ballot box will be opened. The votes shall be read aloud and tallied by two poll workers.

Following counting, the results shall be read aloud in front of anyone who wishes to observe. The person having the greatest number of votes will be declared elected.

If there is a tie, the outcome will be determined by lot as prescribed by the Municipal Elections Act, with the lot drawn by someone selected at random from the crowd.